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Game Information
Release date: July 10, 1980
Range: Silver
Hit the moles as they pop up.

Game and Watch Gallery

Vermin was a Game & Watch unit released on July 10, 1980 with a product code of MT-03. It was part of the Silver range, the first set of all the Game & Watch systems.


In this game, the player takes control of a man, who is trying to hit moles on the head with hammers. The man holds two hammers, one in each hand. There are five spots in the ground where a mole may emerge. If the man holds a hammer above a spot where a mole is emerging, he will hit the mole on the head, and score one point. If a mole successfully emerges without being struck by a hammer, one of the player's three lives are lost. The emergence of mole is shown by three spots of dirt appearing below an emergence spot, giving the player three seconds to reach one of these spots.

Game & Watch Gallery 2[edit]

Vermin returns to be a playable game in Game & Watch Gallery 2. It can be played in 'classic' fashion, which is identical to its Game & Watch counterpart, or it can be played in Modern fashion, in which Yoshi is standing in the center of the screen, surrounded by six Yoshi Eggs. Paratroopas, Boos Fly Guys will fly towards these eggs, and later on in the game, so will Monty Moles, and Yoshi must hit these enemies with one of its two hammers.

Appearances and references in other games[edit]

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