Turtle Bridge

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Turtle Bridge
Turtle Bridge.jpg
Game Information
Release date: February 1, 1982
Character: Jungle Explorer (classic), Toad (modern)
Range: Widescreen range
Ride the turtle shells to the other bank.

Game and Watch Gallery

Turtle Bridge was a Game & Watch system released on February 1, 1982 with a product code of TL-28. It was part of the Widescreen range, the first set of all the Game & Watch systems.


In this game, the player takes control of a Jungle Explorer, who is transferring baggage from one side of a river to the other to give to his colleague. However, in order to cross this river, he must use 5 turtles as stepping stones. The gimmick of this game is that a turtle may submerge to feed on aquatic life in the river, and the explorer cannot stand on a turtle while it is doing so. If the explorer is on top of a turtle when it submerges, he will lose one life, and if the turtle that would be in front of him is submerged, he will not be able to traverse the river until the turtle surfaces again. Another mishap that can occur is that the explorer's colleague may be temporarily non-present, and so will not be able to collect the explorer's baggage, forcing the explorer to remain on a turtle. If the explorer is holding baggage, he cannot return to the safe ground on the far left of the screen, and likewise, if he stands on there too long, he will slip over and fall onto the first turtle. If three lives are lost, the game is over.

As the levels progress, more fish that the turtles wish to feed on will appear, forcing the turtles to submerge.

Differences Between Game A and Game B[edit]

  • In Game A, the turtle in the middle of the pack wil never dive for a turtle, as no fish come near it unless the explorer stands on it for too long.
  • In Game B, all turtles are able to randomly dive, and they will dive more often, and the explorer's colleague is non-present more commonly.


Modern gameplay of Turtle Bridge in Game & Watch Gallery 3

In Turtle Bridge, points are awarded relative to the time taken to deliver the parcel, ranging from 10 down to 2. The score board only has 3 digits, so if the player were to exceed 999, the score would reset to 000. An extra life can be obtained at the predetermined score levels of 200 and 500.

Game & Watch Gallery 3[edit]

Turtle Bridge returns to be a playable game in Game & Watch Gallery 3. It can be played in 'classic' fashion, which is identical to its Game & Watch counterpart, or it can be played in Modern fashion, in which Toad must cross the sky, carrying mushrooms first handed to him by Mario, which he must deliver to Princess Peach. The turtles are replaced by Goonies, and Toad can also pop balloons for bonus points.

Appearances and references in other games[edit]

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