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Character Information
Year of origin: 1981 (G&W)
First game: Manhole

Toad is a character as well as a species from the Super Mario series of games. Despite his name, he resembles a mushroom, a common item found in the Mushroom Kingdom he lives in. He wears a blue jacket outlined with orange, and a white pair of trousers and brown shoes.

Appearances in Game & Watch[edit]

Toad appears solely in the Game & Watch Gallery games, remakes of original Game & Watch games with Mario characters, meaning he was not a part of the original console classics. The Game & Watch titles he takes part in are Manhole and Fire. He also appears in Game & Watch Gallery 2, but only in one game, Parachute. He will also give the player messages in the game. Toad makes an appearance in Game & Watch Gallery 3 as a playable character in Turtle Bridge as well.