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The Panorama version.
Game Information
Release date: 5 June 1983, 30 August 1983
Character: Snoopy
Range: Table Top, Panorama

Snoopy was released in two different versions: SM-73 (Table Top series, released 5 June 1983) and SM-91 (Panorama series, released 30 August 1983). It has both a Game A and Game B.


Gameplay is the same in both the Tabletop and Panorama versions of Snoopy.

Schoeder is playing his piano while Woodstock is trying to sleep. The player has to move Snoopy left and right so he can smash the notes coming from the piano with a hammer and let Woodstock have his rest. Snoopy can only smash notes that match the colour of the platform he is standing on. When Snoopy misses a note, it wakes up Woodstock, resulting in a miss. There are, of course, multiple platforms with different colours and multiple note colours. Snoopy falls of a platform when moving too far, also earning the player a miss. Per smashed note, the player earns one point. As an extra feature, Lucy, who is also asleep, wakes up every 100 points and kicks Schroeder's piano. When 300 points are earned, all misses are cleared and when there are no misses, all points are doubled until a miss is gotten. The maximun amount of points is 999.

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