Oil Panic

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Oil Panic
Oil Panic.gif
Game Information
Release date: May 28, 1982
Character: Unnamed
Range: Dual-screen

Oil Panic is game for the Game & Watch. It was released in 1982 as a dual screen Game & Watch game. It has two difficulty settings: A and B.


The game involves an employee of an oil station, who tries to catch leaking oil drops on the top screen to put them in his boss' oil drum on the bottom screen, so the boss can take the oil to the cars that need it. This gets the employee points. The max amount of points is 999. A life is lost when oil is spilled.

The player moves the employee with the left and right buttons.


Oil Panic was remade for Game & Watch Gallery. In classic mode, the game is the same, but in modern mode, Bowser is dropping oil from the castle which Mario has to catch and give to Yoshi, so he can get it out. Yoshi can also be used to attack Bowser sometimes.

It was also ported to the DS in Game & Watch Collection. It is excactly the same as the original.

Other Appearances[edit]

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