Mickey Mouse (character)

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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse.png
Character Information
Year of origin: 1928
First game: Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is the well-known, worldwide favourite mascot of Disney. Officially belonging to said person, he has appeared in two Game & Watch games, the first being the self-titled Mickey Mouse, and the second is Mickey & Donald. Mickey is a black anthropomorphic mouse who typically wears red shorts with two white buttons and yellow shoes. This was the only time Disney and Nintendo collaborated to make a game which included elements from both first-party titles.

Characteristics and Background[edit]

The character of Mickey Mouse, as his name implies, is based on a real mouse. But like most cartoon-like animals, he can walk and talk and perform many human abilities and more. He wears red overalls coupled with two white buttons, with his black chest protruding on the top. Yellow, over-sized shoes protect his feet while white gloves cover his hands. Like all mice, his thin black tail can be seen from behind. Possibly his most notable feature is his head, more specifically his ears, which coincidentally is a common logo for the company and person he represents, Disney. Mickey's ears are two-dimensional compared to the rest of his body, meaning the two round ears are visible together wherever and however Mickey is positioned (unless of course he wears a hat or similar).

While a major mascot for Disney, he was not the first to arrive on the scene; Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the company's former mascot before he took over. Mickey currently has a female companion mouse named Minnie Mouse, who only makes a brief appearance in the game Mickey & Donald.

Donald, Minnie and Goofy[edit]

Donald Duck and Goofy are two popular Disney characters, who more often than not appear alongside Mickey Mouse. Donald, like all ducks, has his notable beak which makes him hard to be understood by others. Goofy, being an animated dingo, also shares many similarities with his real-life species, although he is commonly portrayed as being clumsier and a slow learner. Minnie, as mentioned above, is Mickey's girlfriend who shares many common looks with her counterpart. She wears yellow heels and red clothes, which includes a bow-tie. All cartoons are able to stand on two legs.

These mischievous characters only manage to feature in one official G&W and overall Nintendo game. This game is simply called Mickey & Donald, where said characters take on the fire fighter profession to save a building from burning. Goofy controls the water pump while Minnie acts as the reward for completing the game.

Appearance in Game & Watch[edit]

Mickey Mouse has only ever appeared in three G&W titles, with one being a remake. As mentioned above, this was the only time Disney and Nintendo collaborated their copyrighted and first-party titles. The games which features Micky are:

All games were developed by Nintendo RD1 and released on G&W consoles. The initial title was a Wide Screen game which involved Mickey catching eggs. Mickey & Donald, a Multi Screen title, had both Disney's mascot and his friend Donald become firemen to prevent an already flammable building from falling to bits. Goofy, a popular dingo from the Disney-verse, is also present to assist the player. The final title, a revamped remake of the original Mickey Mouse, was released as part of the Panorama range. While gameplay differs greatly, both were released under the same titles so as a result are considered to be of same origin. The remake tasks the mouse to juggle sticks while balancing on a ball.