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Game Information
Release date: Game & Watch:
29 January 1981 (Gold range)
24 August 1983 (Wide screen range)

JAP: 19 August 2009
USA: 5 April 2010
EUR: 9 April 2010
Character: Unnamed
Range: Gold, Wide Screen

Manhole is a Game & Watch game. In it, the player has to stop a stream of walking people from falling through a hole by quickly moving under the holes and form a 'bridge' with the hand of the controlled character until the people pass the end of the screen.

In the Game & Watch Gallery series[edit]

Manhole appears in both Game & Watch Gallery and Game & Watch Gallery 4. In these games, Manhole can be played in 'classic' format, which is next-to-identical to the original game, or in 'modern' format, where Mario, Toad and Donkey Kong Jr. are walking, but at different speeds, and the player controls Yoshi. Unlike in the original Manhole, four manholes can hold at once, but manholes fall if someone steps on it, causing the next character to fall if Yoshi is too late. Yoshi can, however, let manholes stay in place longer by holding them with his tongue.

Appearances and references in other games[edit]

The stages Flat Zone in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Flat Zone 2 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl both have features from Manhole appearing on them, and in both games, Mr. Game & Watch has a move which makes him tilt a manhole, just like in the Game & Watch game.

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