Life Boat

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Life Boat
Life boat.jpg
Game Information
Release date: 25th October 1983
Character: Unnamed
Range: Multi2

Life Boat, sometimes written as Lifeboat, is a Game & Watch game released in 1983 as part of the Multi2 range with product number TC-58. The casing is a light orange. Like most Game & Watch games, this unit has two difficulty settings: Game A and Game B.


In Lifeboat, a fire breaks out on a cruise ship, smoke billowing to the sky. The player has to rescue the passengers of the ship by pulling them in a lifeboat. As it can only hold four people, the player will need to drop them off on the shore nearby when needed. In Game A, there are two lifeboats, whilst in Game B, there is only one. On Game B mode there is only one raft, which can move from one side of the screen to the other, differently from Game A, where the rafts can't leave their screens.

Promotional art for the console.

One point is awarded for both getting someone in the lifeboat and getting someone on the shore. The maximum score is 999. When 300 points are reached, all misses are undone. If no misses were acquired and the player reaches 300 points, scores are doubled until a miss is given. One miss is given when a passenger misses the lifeboat, falls into the water and gets eaten by a shark. The alarm on is indicated by a bucket of water on the cliffside, and when it goes off, a man takes the bucket and attempts to douse the fire.


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