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Game Information
Release date: 1980
Character: Judges
Range: Silver
Get the larger number to win.

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Jugde, sometimes referred to as Judgement, is a Game & Watch handheld game released in 1980 as part of the Silver range.


Two judges, armed with hammers, try to attack each other if they have a higher number out of them. In the game, a random number ranging from 1-9 will appear from the judges' signs. The judge with the higher number then has to attack the one with the lower number, while the judge with the lower number can attempt to evade the attack. If the higher numbered judge hits their opponent, then they receive three points; evading the blow, however, will give the defender one point. Should a judge with the lower number attempt to attack, however, then the opponent will gain two points for the false blow, and they can gain another three points for counterattacking soon enough. Furthermore, if a player attempts to dodge when they have the higher number, the opponent gains two points.

Should the two numbers be identical, either player can attack or defend.

In the game, Game B features a two player version of Judge; Game A allows the user to play against a computer controlled opponent.

Appearances and references in other games[edit]

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