Gold Cliff

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Gold Cliff
Gold Cliff.jpg
Game Information
Release date: October 1988
Character: Archeologist
Range: Multi Screen

Gold Cliff was one of many Game & Watch units released in the series' lifetime. It is part of the Multi Screen range, with product number MV-64.


To play Gold Cliff, the player takes control of an archeologist, who is trying to acquire treasure. During gameplay, stone platforms will appear and disappear in a set pattern, and the player must scale these platforms in upward fashion in order to reach the peak of the climb. If the archeologist misses a platform and falls, he will find himself amongst a group of crabs with small gaps in between some of them. The archeologist must carefully jump into these gaps, and reach the nearest platform. Afterwards, the archeologist must jump towards a key, which unlocks entry to the temple at the peak of the climb, and clears the level. Later levels of the game are of a higher pace and speed, the patterns of the platforms change and become more random, and the keys are further away from the peak of the upward climb.


  • Gold Cliff is one of only two Game & Watch units to feature a Continue option, shared with Zelda. The Continue option allows the player to retry the stage that deprived all of the player's lives, albeit with a point reduction.
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