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The basic color scheme for the Game Boy.

The Nintendo Game Boy is the first of a series of handheld video game consoles made by Nintendo. It runs 8-bit videogames, like the Nintendo Entertainment System, but instead of using a television, it has a screen of its own.

Relation to Game & Watch[edit]

The Game Boy was designed by the people who also designed the Game & Watch consoles; Gunpei Yokoi and "Nintendo Research & Development 1", Nintendo's oldest development team.

Some Game & Watch games have been revamped and released for the Game Boy as part of the Game & Watch Gallery series of videogames, of which only the first game, Game & Watch Gallery was actually developed for the Game Boy. In Game & Watch Gallery, the Game & Watch games Manhole, Fire, Octopus and Oil Panic were remade with Mario and his friends as the characters instead of the original Game & Watch characters. The games are also available as they originally were, but with controls that fit the Game Boy system.

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