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Every page on this wiki, except special pages, have a 'talk page' or 'discussion page'. You can enter one by clicking on the "discussion" tab at the top of a page, or by typing "Talk:(name of page)" in the search bar, and the press "go".


  • Posting on talk pages needs certain relevance to the pages, information, or users on this wiki.


Good post:

<font="Courier New">==Release date==
Was that G&W game really released in 1985?~~~~

Bad post:

<font="Courier New">==lol==
I think this G&W games sucks lololol

You can always respond to posts, but in a respond, type : to use a space. If someone responds to that post, the one who responds must type : two times, and so on.

  • Always sign your post by using four tidles, like this: ~~~~
  • User pages also have talk pages. They can be used to contact the user. However, they should be treated the same as other talk pages; for questions and discussions. There is a bit more freedom of what you post here.
  • Always start new topics with a new header, by typing ==, then the section name and then again ==.
  • Don't use personal attacks.
  • Do not remove or alter anyone's comment without their permission. You have permission to remove or alter a post if it is yours, and if no one has responded to it. Altering or deleting post may be allowed if the post is malicious or is a form of trolling.