Flat Zone 2

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The Fire tier in SSBB. When battles start, Fire is the first game played.

Flat Zone 2 is a stage in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is the sequel stage to Flat Zone in Super Smash Bros. Melee, taking on the same general flavour of the previous stage; the fight takes place in an oversized Game & Watch unit, all characters are completely 2D, and they make beeping noises as they move. Unlike the previous game, however, the background does not stay constant; it switches in roughly thirty seconds of play to another stage, which is signalled by a Game & Watch character ringing a bell in the corner.

Games Referenced[edit]

Two platforms and the chef appear here. The chef throws food from his pan at the players; the pan and food can harm players, though the chef can be knocked out, forcing the stage to revert back to Fire.

A burning building and two firemen appear here. They try to catch people who fall from the burning building by use of a trampoline.

In the Fire level, whenever neither the firefighters nor the people are present, the platforms will appear instead, appearing in a random, changing order.

A gas station and its customers, who can hurt the players, appear here.

A large cage consisting of three levels, which can be entered, and some lion tamers who try to stop the occasionally appearing lions appear here. Both the lions and the tamers can hurt the players.

  • Alarm

Prior to a stage change, a character in the corner of the screen will ring a bell; Game & Watch units, true to their name, could tell the time and some also had the ability to go off at specific times.