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Game Information
Release date: October 9, 1981
Character: Wolf
Range: Wide Screen

Egg was one of many titles released on a Game & Watch system during the series' lifetime, with a product code of EG-26.


Gameplay of Egg

In the game, there exist four henhouses, one in each corner of the screen; each house has one hen in it, which periodically lays eggs. These eggs will then fall out of the side of the hen house, and plummet towards the ground. The player takes control of a wolf, who must catch all of the falling eggs that it can, each egg being worth one point. In later levels, the eggs fall faster, and the hens lay them more often.

The wolf has three lives, one of which can depleted by an egg hitting the floor without being caught by the wolf, but if a hen of a different design is on screen when this happens, only half a life will be lost . The game ends when all 3 lives are lost.

Game & Watch Gallery 3[edit]

The modern version of Egg in Game & Watch Gallery 3

Egg reappears in Game & Watch Gallery 3, where it can be played in classic or modern fashion. The classic version is identical to how the game originally played, but the modern version features Yoshi instead of a wolf, and Yoshi Cookies instead of eggs. Also, the hen that can half the loss of a life is replaced by Mario in a chef suit.

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