Donkey Kong Jr. (Tabletop version)

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Donkey Kong Jr. (Tabletop version)
Dk jr tabletop.png
Game Information
Release date: 28 April, 1983
Character: Donkey Kong Jr.
Range: Tabletop

Donkey Kong Jr. (Tabletop version) is a Game & Watch game released in 1983. It is similar to the panorama version of Donkey Kong Jr., but the two games do have some differences. Donkey Kong Jr. has two difficulty settings: A and B.


In Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong Jr. tries to save his dad, Donkey Kong, from Mario, who has captured Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Jr. must get a key of one of the 4 locks that hold his dad from the left side of the screen and take it up to him to unlock the lock. However, Donkey Kong Jr. comes across many obstacles while doing this: he must avoid the birds, and when he wants to go down, he must use an umbrella, and to go up he has to use a balloon. When he opens one of the 4 locks, the game starts over so Donkey Kong Jr. can find the remaining keys and open the other locks.

It is possible that Donkey Kong Jr. drops the key in the water. When this happens, he must get another key. This doesn't count as a miss.

Promotional artwork featuring DK Jr. (top) and DK (bottom).

One point is awarded for jumping from and umbrella onto a balloon. Opening one lock gives 10 points, and 10 extra points are awarded for opening all four of the locks. Donkey Kong Jr. is able to take out birds with coconuts; one bird gives 2 points, two birds gives 4 points, three birds gives 6 points, four birds gives 8 points and five birds gives 10 points.

Donkey Kong Jr. can, however, also score misses. This happens when he misses a balloon or umbrella, descends into the water with an umbrella or falls into the water after the balloon he is on bursts. Three misses gives a game over.

Other Appearances[edit]

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