Crab Grab

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Crab Grab
Crab Grab.jpg
Game Information
Release date: February 21, 1984
Character: Unnamed
Range: Super Color

Crab Grab was one of many titles released on a Game & Watch system during the series' lifetime, with a product code of UD-202.


In Crab Grab, there are four different colored columns, all with lines of crabs on them. The objective of the game, is that the unnamed character must push all of these crabs off of the top of the screen. However, a constant slew of crabs will always be entering the screen via the bottom, which can bite the player. If the player is bitten three times, the game ends. If one of these moving crabs reaches the top of the screen, it must be pushed off the top of the screen as per any other crab in order to progress to the next level, but if one of these crabs have not yet reached the top of the screen, they will not need to be pushed in order to complete each level.

Game B plays the exact same game as Game A, explained above, but is faster-paced.


  • This Game & Watch console had among the highest price tag of all units.
  • This game is one of only two games in the Super Color range, the other being Spitball Sparky.
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