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Climber crystal sreen.jpg
Game Information
Release date: 1986 (Crystal Screen), 1988 (New Wide Screen)
Character: Climber
Range: Crystal Screen; New Wide Screen

It was developed by Nintendo R&D1. It is similar to Ice Climber.

The New Wide Screen console.

A boy with wisdom and courage known as the Climber, one day, sets out on a training trip to the Block Mountain where the Blockmen live to become warrior. On the way, he meets Lord Meiji who grants him a pair of special boots which will enable him to jump very high, an armor to break ceilings and a head band which will help him find a sword that can slash Dragalo the dragon with one stroke. No one knows how many of the obstacles will the Climber be able to overcome with the help of the mysterious bird, Hentori, and continue his quest. The objective of the game is to control Climber by jumping through a tower of platforms and landing on them, and by avoiding monsters and blockmen. The goal is to either grab Hentori the bird or slash Dragalo the dragon. The other goal is to make the highest score possible.

There are two versions of Climber available: DR-106 (New Wide Screen series, 1988) and DR-802 (Crystal Screen series, 1986). Climber was also an unlockable Game & Watch game in Game & Watch Gallery 4.

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