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Chef G&W.png
Game Information
Release date: 8 September 1981
Character: Mr. Game & Watch
Range: Wide Screen
Catch the food with a frying pan

Game and Watch Gallery

Chef is a Game & Watch game. It is part of the Wide Screen series.


In Chef, players take control of the titular chef character, who must move left and right as to keep three pieces of food in the air for as long as possible; while an initially simple task, the food later begins to move faster, and a cat along the left side of the screen can sometimes grab hold of the food on the left-most column. While the piece of food will not be removed from gameplay, it will stay in place for a brief period, making it difficult for the player to know when it will come back down.

Players lose lives if any of the food hits the floor; a mouse will come out and eat the food in this case.

Game B starts the game at a later level, making the food move faster and the cat hold onto the piece of food for a longer period of time.

Appearances and references in other games[edit]

  • The game was remade as part of Game & Watch Gallery 2. While the original is included, a modern version is featured. In this version, Princess Peach is the chef in which she has to catch food with her frying pan. Mario and Luigi prepare the food and throw it to her. This gives points. Sometimes, Peach has to feed it to Yoshi. Dropping food still counts as a miss.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mr. Game & Watch's neutral special move makes him throw food from a pan, just like in Chef. Additionally, in Flat Zone 2, stage in the latter game, one of the backgrounds featured on the stage is from Chef; in this stage, players can get launched from the Chef's pan, and they can be hit by his food. Random trajectory which makes it unreliable, but that doesn't render it uselss. It'll stop enemies who come near the player.
  • In Game and Watch Gallery the game can be viewed in the Gallery once unlocked by achieving a certain amount of points in Octopus' Modern mode.


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