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Game Information
Release date: April 28, 1980
April 28, 2010 (Club Nintendo re-release)
Character: Mr. Game & Watch
Range: Silver
Juggle the balls, but don't drop 'em.

Game and Watch Gallery

Ball was the first game created for the Game & Watch range of dedicated handheld gaming systems. It was released in April 28, 1980 as part of the Silver range, the first set of all the Game & Watch systems. Due to the limited production of the Silver Range, Ball is now highly valued among collectors.


Typical gameplay in Ball

Ball is a simple game, where Mr. Game & Watch, juggles balls. Initially, the player only has one ball to juggle; later, however, the balls will travel faster, and more than one can appear. If any balls are dropped, the game ends; there are no extra lives of any sort in Ball.

The Game B variation makes the balls travel faster initially, and it also decreases the amount of time that another ball will appear.

Club Nintendo re-release[edit]

The Club Nintendo re-release of Ball.

Thirty years after the game's release, the service "Club Nintendo" offered a re-release of Ball to its American, European and Japanese members; these versions were made as accurately as possible to the original unit, with even the Packaging and Time features still intact. Exclusive to the release was a stand that could be used to display the unit. The product is worth 7500 star points.

Appearances and references in other games[edit]

  • The final Game & Watch game, Mario the Juggler, is a enhanced remake of Ball, featuring, as the title suggests, Mario instead of Mr. Game & Watch, and Super Mario Bros. inspired backgrounds instead of a simple white background.
  • Ball also appeared alongside other Game & Watch games Game & Watch Gallery and Game & Watch Gallery 2 for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color respectively, both a port of the original game, known as Classic, and a Mario enhanced remake, called Modern. In Game & Watch Gallery both games were playable wihout unlocking, but in Game & Watch Gallery 2, both versions had to be unlocked.
  • In both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mr. Game & Watch's throw moves come from Ball as they all involve him juggling the opponent like a ball and then launching the opponent.
  • Ball is also available as a download on DSiWare.
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